Aqua Dongle v5.0 **Unlimited Offline Vivo Huawei MTK Xiaomi**

Aqua Dongle v5.0 **Unlimited Offline Vivo Huawei MTK Xiaomi**
We are Glad to Present Aqua-Dongle New Addition Unlimited OFFline Features

Added All in one Offline Features without Yearly Activation or Packs

[Vivo Qualcomm]

**Added Vivo Custom Erase Tool**
This Tool is designed for Latest Security Vivo Qualcomm Devices

  • Supported 3 Different Erase Methods
  • Models List Based 
    [No need Search Firmware, Just Select Model from List]
  • Factory Xml Based
    [Select Firmware Xml]
    [Custom Wipe any Single partition]
  • Custom Address Based
    [Use Custom Address]

[Huawei Hisilicon Module]

  • Added One Click Hisilicon Cert Tool
  • Backup Cert
  • Write Cert
  • Erase Cert
  • Added One Click Huawei OEM Tool
  • Backup Oem
  • Write Oem
  • Erase Oem
  • Added Hisilicon Custom Firmware Read/Partition Tool
  • List All Device Partitions
  • Read Any Single Partition
  • Write Any Single Partition
  • Erase Any Single Partition

[MTK Module]

  • Added Manual Read Preloader File
    With this option you can Read Preloader File 
    without need of downloading/searching full firmware
  • *Readed Preloader can be used with Factory/Other Tools*
    Added Repair IMEI1,IMEI2 in flash Mode [Generic Structure]
    This method is only for Repair Devices with Generic NV Structure
  • Added Mtk Imei Repair [Ate Method]
    Method now Compatible with Auth Off Devices
  • Added Auto Detection for New Mtk Socs [Auto Emi/DA/Auth off]
  • Supported 
    MT6735 MT6737 MT6739 MT6768 MT6765 MT6771 MT6785 MT6261 
    MT6572 MT8127 MT8163 MT8173 MT8695 MT6580 MT6582 MT6763 
    MT6799 MT6873 MT6755 MT6757 MT6761 MT6779 MT6797 MT6795 
  • Improved Auto Auth-Off 
    Sw with automatically Determine if Device need Auth-off

[Qualcomm Module]

Updated Manual Loaders Database

  • Added SDM662 Offline Auth
  • [lime] Redmi Note 9
  • [lime] Redmi 9T
  • [lime] Redmi 9 Power
  • [citrus] Xiaomi Poco M3
  • [Pocophone] Poco M3
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus Nord

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AQUA Dongle A.I.O Module V1.7

AQUA Dongle A.I.O Module V1.7

Big update for Aqua dongle has launched.

Samsung and MTK support has been added.

Added Unlimited Code Calculation for Alcatel Mediatek 2g Devices
Added 1300+ Pid and Secro Database

Enabled Mediatek Android Module Beta Support
Added Write Scatter Support 
Debrick, Repair, Flash Latest Soc 
Custom Flash Any Single Partition without full Fw
Option to Format All + Download
Signed Devices Supported, Custom Auth, DA Option
Added Remove Frp Non Secure Mediatek Android Devices
Added Read Pattern Lock Non encrypted Devices
Added Meta Mode Protocol Read Codes 
Added Meta Mode Network Unlock
Enabled Samsung Module Support
Added Read/Analyse Pit Partition
Added List/Wipe Custom Partition
Added List/Write Custom Partition

Added Samsung Odin Protocol Flashing
Custom Flash Any Single Partition without full Fw
Debrick, Repair, Flash in Download Mode
Force Switch Device to Download Mode
Added Read Device Info Adb/Modem/Diag/Uart Modes
Added Check Knox/Msl in Uart Mode Info
Added Factory Reset in Modem Mode
Added Remove Screenlocks without Dataloss [old Protocol]
Added Remove Frp Lock in Adb Mode
Added Remove Frp/EE/Reactivation Lock
Added Fix Boot-loop Option
Added Ufs Samsung Uart Remove Frp/EE/Reactivation Lock
Added Samsung Qc Enable Diag Port
Added Samsung Enable Uart
Added Samsung Exit Factory Mode
Added Samsung Enable All Languages
Added Samsung Qc Read/Write Qcn

Aqua-Dongle ***A.I.O Module V1.5 Released*** 26 Dec 2019

The Aqua-Dongle updates keep on coming, what’s new in V1.5:

Unlimited Code Calculation for over 350 Models (Check Sw For List) 
Qualcomm Updated Force Format for Android 9>
Qualcomm Added Format Chip Option
Qualcomm Added Custom Partition Erase,Write
Qualcomm Improved UFS Chip Support
Xiaomi Non-Auth Over 10 Loaders
Xiaomi Fastboot BootLoader Unlocking (Beta)
Xiaomi Backup Account Data While Reset
Xiaomi Updated Adb Anti Relock Method
Xiaomi FwCode to Model
Xiaomi Improved Account Reset
Oppo A71 Qcm Factory Reset
Zte Added Manual Ftm to Edl
Zte Added Manual Dload to Edl
Zte Improved Network Unlock
Vivo Updated Manual Loader Database
Settings Added Enable/Disable Drivers Verification

macOS 10.15 brings changes to how iOS devices are managed

This week saw the announcement and beta launch of the latest macOS 10.15.

Some of the highlights were new functionality to use an iPad as a secondary display, new Music & TV apps, screen time and new unlock capabilities using an Apple Watch.

After having updated a MacBook Pro to macOS 10.15 the first thing we wanted to do was install the new iOS 13 beta onto an iPad.

A big reason for wanting to test on an iPad was due to Apple releasing an iPad only version of iOS now called iPadOS which includes for the first time a desktop standard version of safari!

Currently iOS 13 can only be installed from a MacBook running the latest macOS beta or Xcode. In previous versions of macOS all iOS upgrades and restores were handled by iTunes.
Now when the new Music app is loaded you are just presented with a blank summary page of the iOS device.

Apple Music app with a iOS device attached.

After digging through some of the new settings it became apparent that a new method has been introduced to update iOS devices. The new Music app is as it says for purely managing Music.

iOS devices are now managed in the regular Finder app

All iOS devices are now detected as locations in the new Finder app.
When selected the familiar options become visible and it’s clear to see that all update and restore options previously in iTunes will now be located here.