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Nokia 8 Announced, ZEISS IS BACK!

Nokia have today announced their new flagship device, Nokia 8. Some exciting feature have been announced with the device including the return of Zeiss optics. What Nokia are calling #bothie dual-sight is a unique feature to use both the front and rear facing cameras at the same time. No release date has been announce but […]

Best Look At The iPhone 8 Yet!

iPhone 8

A fantastic walkthrough video of the expected iPhone 8 design has been added to the MacRumours youtube channel. The dummy model shows the edge-to-edge screen and the cut out area at the top for the new front facing camera and face unlock feature. The rear gives us a close look at the new glass back […]

iPhone 8 To Feature Advanced Front Facing Sensor

iPhone 8 To Feature Advanced Front Facing Sensor

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a new advanced front-facing camera and sensor to enable the unlocking of the phone via facial recognition. Today it has been discovered in some beta firmware that the sensor will also know when you are looking at it and automatically mute notifications. The sensor may enable more features […]