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TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch Announced

TAG Heuer Connected

Luxury Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer have announced their first smart watch. The “Connected” is a premium watch made from titanium and inherits many of the key aspects of a regular mechanical watch. Powered by an Intel processor and Android Wear the “Connected” is IP67 splash proof, has a 410mAh battery, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display […]

Blackberry Unlock Counter 0 Attempts Left?

Blackberry Unlock Counter 0 Attempts Left?

All Blackberry phones allow the unlock codes to be entered a maximum of 10 times. If the unlock code is entered incorrectly too many times the counter runs down to 0 and will not allow anymore attempts. The counter is often the MEP counter and this 0 attempts is referred to as MEP0. If you […]