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Find out details information about your Nokia phone.

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Find out details information about your Nokia phone.
Simply submit the imei number to receive information that includes, model, colour, network its locked to and its manufacturing date.

The data you receive will look like:

IMEI: 354637056264972
Sales Model: Nokia Lumia 610
Product Type: RM-835
Product Code: 059P4B1
Sold To: 113403 – France
Ship To: 113403S1 – France
Active Date: 25-07-2013
Network: Nokia 610 RM-835 SFR France FR NOKIA 610 Black V1
Factory Simlock: Y
Software Version: 1066.0000.8858.12470
Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 7 Month(s), 12 Day(s)
Warranty Coverage: July 25, 2014

Please Note: This service does not provide unlocking codes.


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