Dog & Bone Wetsuit iPhone SE / 5s / 5 Waterproof Rugged Case



IP and MIL STD rated waterproof, rugged case for iPhone SE, 5s and 5.
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Topless. Tough. Waterproof …you’’re good to go!

Life is active. You work, you play, and you eat and drink. But no matter what, water is in your life every day.

Wouldn’t it make it that much easier if your smartphone could join you for both the smooth and the rough moments, the dry times and the wet ones and you didn’t have to worry all the while if it would live through the end of the day!

Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit iPhone SE, 5s and iPhone 5 case is waterproof, shockproof, dirt proof and snow proof. Jump from activity to activity – from land to water – and stay confident all the while your smartphone is protected.

Better still, this waterproof and rugged mobile phone case is streams ahead of anything else. Not only is Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit iPhone 5s/5 waterproof case tough and rugged, yet masterfully slim and stylish with complete access to all ports and controls, but it has a unique cutting edge design like none other of its kind (patent pending). Wetsuit is the WORLD’S FIRST topless waterproof mobile phone case giving you optimum direct touch screen sensitivity.

Why waterproof protection?

Because sometimes you just don’t know where and when the next splash will come, waterproof smartphone cases just make good sense.

Ever been caught out in the rain? Spilt your drink? Or made too much of a splash cooking?  You’re not alone!  A study conducted by found 31 per cent of Britons claimed to have damaged a handset with water or another liquid substance in the past.

Major causes for mobile phone water or liquid damage.

Source: Good Mobile Phones survey of 1,937 mobile phone users over the age of 18 across Great Britain.

why waterproof mobile phones

Why go topless?

If you enjoy optimum touch screen sensitivity on your smartphone, you should really instead ask why you wouldn’t go topless!!

Have you ever noticed a lumpy ‘ripple effect’ on the film covering the front of your phone? Or ever found yourself re-typing letters in your text message because they just weren’t registering the first time? Chances are the film covering the front of your phone may have been impacting on the phone’s touch screen sensitivity. Front enclosed phone cases have many a time been reported to negatively impact on both the look and touch screen sensitivity of the phone.

Add to this the natural oils and acidity from your fingers transferring to your phone every phone call, text message or internet search, and the screen of many front enclosed cases can appear marked and grubby.

Problem solved! The Dog & Bone Wetsuit rugged, waterproof case utilizes a world-first mobile phone membrane system to secure the case around the front rim, whilst leaving the screen fashionably open and bare to enjoy optimum direct touch screen sensitivity.


Topless Direct Touch Screen

The first waterproof mobile phone case world-wide to go topless with a direct touch screen, for optimum touch screen sensitivity.With nothing impeding the front screen, this unique designavoids the ’ripple effect’ reported on traditional waterproof cases, which subsequently can impact on the look and usability of the phone.

Touch ID Compatibility

Masterfully designed with Touch ID compatibility for the iPhone 5s – the first waterproof mobile case of its kind to do so with a topless front.

Tough without the bulk

Compact design, slim from every angle.

Unique rubber bump stops

For added cushioning and protection.

IP 68

Highest level of ingress protection from water and dust.


Meets and exceeds Military standards to withstand drops to 6.6 feet (two metres).

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